SkyTab Payment Processing

All Credit Card Payments processed through integrated payments hardware. Best security than the PCI-validated point-to-point encryption.

All-in-One POS Platform for One Price

With this program, you pay zero upfront and just a low monthly rate for warranty and support. SkyTab POS includes the necessary hardware, software, programming, and onsite implementation for a rock-bottom price. You can  more information on our pricing.  With our 30-day risk-free trial, what keeps you from giving us a trial run? You cannot afford to pass up on this great deal.

Cash Discounting (Dual Pricing)

Would you like to spend $0 on payment processing fees? Great, you can now pass on the expense to the client with what’s known as dual pricing. It’s also referred to as cash discounting. SkyTab POS and credit card terminals fully support it.

A single Provider

With SkyTab, you deal with one company for all your needs. From all of the hardware and software to technical support and even processing issues.

Financially invested

SkyTab POS platform manages the credit card payments for you. Since you have no setup costs and we are making that financial investment, you can say we genuinely have vested in your success. The more payments you process, the more profit everyone makes.

POS Software Offline Mode

Lose your internet? you can still process credit card payments as SkyTab POS stores the data if you lose your connection. Once it comes back online, stored transactions are sent for processing - Store & Forward.

Point-To-Point Encryption

Shift4 network encrypts all credit card data with PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE). It’s the strongest and most secure technology available.


Shift4 network safeguards all transactions with advance tokenization by masking credit card data with random, senseless data.

EMV & NFC Technology

Shift4 will assist you in preventing as many fraudulent transactions as possible by selling the most up-to-date hardware, such as EMV & NFC contactless payment devices.

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